Residential Information

Milestone, Inc. has many divisions including Adult Group Homes, RocVale Children's Home, Training Centers, Industrial Workshops, and a Corporate Center located throughout the greater Rockford area.



Adult Group Homes

Group HomeMilestone, Inc. has 30 residential group homes for adults with developmental disabilities throughout the Greater Rockford Area.


Each individual actively takes part in the day to day activities of cleaning, cooking, shopping, along with a wide variety of recreational activities.


Group home individuals are part of the largest team taking part in Northwest Illinois Special Olympics events.



RocVale Children's Home

RocVale Children's Home

A Residential facility for children between the ages of 6 and 21 with a developmental disability as a primary diagnosis. Providing a comfortable homelike atmosphere combining highly specialized services with around the clock supervision and nursing care.


Individuals are given the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of home and community activities designed to prepare them for adult life. Programs range from daily living skills to personal care, safety and physical well being.


Click here to read RocVale's Wellness Policy.



Elmwood Heights

Elmwood HeightsResidential facility for 84 adult individuals who are physically and developmentally disabled and medically fragile.


A comfortable homelike atmosphere combining highly specialized services with around the clock medical care.


Personalized attention and training is provided to help the individual develop daily living skills.




Downtown Community Services

Downtown Community Services provides a wide array of supportive services, guidance and situational intervention to allow individuals to maintain or enhance their ability to live in the Rockford community and surrounding area.


Milestone Community Service Providers and professional staff work with each individual to develop and initiate a support plan to meet their needs and personal goals. With assistance, each individual lives in and maintains their own apartment, budgets their income to meet expenses, shops for groceries and other necessities and accesses the community for recreation, shopping and social interaction.


In addition, Milestone Community Services assists individuals in securing services and opportunities not provided by Milestone.



Building Lives, Building Futures


For questions or to request information regarding our residential services, please contact our Social Services Department at




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