"I always get support, attention and answers"

"Howard was always happy"

I am grateful for the guidance and care given to David for many years. David and his twin brother, Dennis, lived first at Milestone's Kishwaukee apartments. There have been many transitions for David over the years and each decision has been made thoughtfully, respectfully and carefully in his best interest. Whenever I need support or have questions or concerns, I always get support, attention and answers.


David is a part of the Elmwood Heights family and I cannot say enough about the care he receives there. My interactions with staff have always been professional and friendly.



Pam Herriott

My parents watched Howard's face each time we brough him home for a family get together. Howard was always happy, happy to come home with us and happy to go back to his new home at Milestone. We knew if he was not treated with love and respect this would not be the case. Every pick up and drop off we met with many staff members who were always smiling and welcoming. Howie knew everyone and he loved them as much as they loved him.


-Heidi Hackbarth & The familiy of Howard Sigman

"We know she is happy"

"Peace of mind is priceless"

In the 3 years our daughter has lived at RocVale, we have seen her grow into the young lady we had hoped she would become. We credit the staff at RocVale and their work for the fact that she has been taken off some medications and the dosage of others has been reduced. She is also doing better in school and she now tells people that she loves to attend her classes. We know she is happy and healthy and learning the skills she will need as she enters her adult life.


-Kirby and Susan Miracle, Parents

Over the years, I have been very pleased with the care my son has received. I know that if any problems develop, the staff at his group home will contact me and will keep me informed. I know without a doubt his needs are being met. I have also seen him become more independent over the years. Milestone has given me peace of mind because I know that my son will always have a home and will be taken care of, adding as a mother that peace of mind is priceless.


-Audrey Wilson, Guardian

"I don't ever worry"

"He feels comfortable"

I'm extremely pleased with the Milestone staff. They've provided Isis with a full life, from work, trips, beautician appointments, clothes, friendships and the list goes on. Everyone at Milestone is professional and kind. I don't ever worry about Isis at all. And when she comes to visit me, I never have a problem with her going back to East. I believe she feels Milestone is her home. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking care of my child.


-Love and Peace

Karen Burgess, Parent

I knew the decision to move my brother into a Milestone home was the correct one when I saw and experienced how the staff helped with the overall transition for both myself and my brother. They took the time to talk to my brother and explain things to him, and they took the time to get to know him and find out his needs. My brother works at Milestone Industries and enjoys each day there. He feels comfortable with the staff at Milestone and enjoys both going on outings and hanging out at home.


-Kimberly Reifsteck, Sister and Guardian


What is most satisfying about working at Milestone?

What is most satisfying about working at Milestone?

Overall, Milestone is a wonderful place to work, seeing how much the individuals advance over time is really rewarding and makes everything worth working here, knowing I had a part in changing and making a difference in someone's life.


-Anonymous Employee

Making a difference in the lives of individuals. Knowing I have a part even if it is just a little, of them learning, growing, becoming more self-sufficient and leading happier lives is a huge reason I love working here.


-Anonymous Employee


What is most satisfying about working at Milestone?

What is most satisfying about working at Milestone?

I really enjoy working with these individuals. They're like my family. I feel like I've made a difference in their lives.


-Anonymous Employee

I love helping and feeling like I make a difference in someone's life every time I come to work.


-Anonymous Employe




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